1. CFT gives wholesalers their own private e-commerce site through which they can grant their customers direct access to all of the CFT farms and importers.
  2. Your customers will see a landed price that includes: fob cost, duties, air freight, handling, truck freight, fuel surcharge, holiday surcharge, and your margin.
  3. Your customer selects the date on which they would like to receive the flowers and the site will show only inventory that has the required time to get through the logistics chain to satisfy their desired arrival date.
  4. You can incorporate your own in-house inventory into CFT for same day purchases.
  5. The transportation rules in CFT enable you to select different trucking companies for different days of the week as well as to adjust for day ahead schedule changes at holidays.


  1. CFT allows wholesale buyers to purchase from dozens of farms and Miami importers online 24/7, 365 days a year.
  2. CFT shows the prices as FOB origin as well as landed to your door.
  3. Want a better price than what you see in the system? Submit a counter bid to the vendor with the price that you are willing to pay.


       Your sales staff can use CFT to independently check on availability and pricing while talking to their customers.